Holidays at Park!

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One of my favorite things about the holidays is how accessible everything is because of our location. Let me explain….

As a college student, I do not have an excess of time right now to do everything that needs to be done. Namely, shopping. Projects are starting to come up, and finals are right around the corner; who has time to get all of their shopping done? Not this guy. But, the great thing about being at Park is I have three great shopping areas within a close range that can help me finish my shopping in no time. I have the Legends only twenty minutes away from me. There is Zona Rosa about fifteen minutes from me. These are great places to go to get clothes and then a bunch of other great things. There is also the Plaza downtown that only takes about twenty-five minutes to get to.

Some say that Christmas is not complete until you go to the Plaza downtown. It is an amazing place to go during the holiday season. I start my Christmas season off each year on Thanksgiving night by going to the Plaza Christmas Lighting ceremony. I go to the Community Christian Church. People from all over the world join in Christmas Carols, eat cookies, and drink hot cider. Then comes the best part. All of us go to the roof and watch as the Christmas lights are illuminated. This is when I know that the Christmas season has started.

I want to wish you a happy holidays and Merry Christmas from Park University. I hope this season is one of love and joy for you and the people you hold most dear.    




Making the most of your college experience.

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            Nelson Mandela once argued, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” Here at Park University, students are equipped with the proper tools to achieve considerable change in the world around them.  From academic and recreational clubs to school offices with helpful resources, Park University is unique in an educational field filled with profit-seeking institutions. When I arrived at Park as a lonely freshman, a senior mentor introduced me to a club called the Model Organization of American States. As a research-heavy organization, we prepared resolutions for a mock version of the Organization of American States (a regional organization similar to the United Nations). The senior who first offered to include me in the mostly upper-classmen group, taught me everything she knew about the organization and encouraged me to take over as the club’s president in my second semester at Park after she was forced to leave the club due to an overwhelming amount of coursework and graduation preparation.  My experience was not unique; many freshmen become involved in several clubs or activities at Park University because of the encouragement and support offered by compassionate upper-classmen. This short description of my first involvement at Park University offers a microcosmic view of the experience each student receives when they start their college career here at Park. Students, faculty, and staff join together to make each freshman feel welcome and comfortable as they make one of the biggest transitions of their life. If I had not met my senior mentor my freshman year, I would not have joined that first club, or the second. I would be stuck my senior year of college criticizing myself for not getting more involved. Involvement not only improves your academic and social life, it also boosts your resume and helps you adjust to a busy schedule. Many students seek a laid-back lifestyle in college and are shocked when they enter the real world of 40-hour work weeks and overtime. Park University supports freshman students tremendously and constantly encourages personal growth. The Academic Support Center is a prime example of this commitment to students. The Academic Support Center offers free tutoring to students who are struggling in a course. Let’s face it; we all need help in one area or another. Park also boasts a very active and resourceful Career Development Center. While attending Park University, I have worked for a local law firm, Missouri State Representative, the U.S. Secret Service, and U.S. Immigration and Citizenship Services all because of opportunities forwarded to me by the Career Development Center. Park University is a community comprised of students seeking tools to change the world; a mission positively supported by the multitude of opportunities offered by faculty and staff who truly care.



Bailie is a senior and one of our Lead Student Ambassadors. This is her second year participating in the program, and her third year attending Park University. She will be graduating one year early this May and attending law school in the fall. We are so incredibly proud of Bailie and her accomplishments and are thankful to have had her in our program.

Enjoying Fall Break

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IMG_0217 The Park University waterFALL by our main entrance.

Is Fall Break at Park University the greatest invention ever created? I am not sure, but I think it has to be ranked up there with Edison’s light bulb.

Fall break is amazing because it is one week off during the middle of the fall semester. It is basically spring break during the fall. I love it because it is still kind of warm outside, so during fall break, I am able to go outside and do things. I can go outside for a walk. I can go to the Nature Sanctuary and lay in my hammock. I can play Ultimate with my friends.

Fall break is also a great time to catch up on some homework and projects that you have been putting off. The trick is to do everything on the first weekend of fall break so that you can be completely lazy for the next week. As a college student, it is important and essential to get some time off and to not think about school. Fall break is the perfect opportunity.

I am going to Colorado with my family over the break, and I do not plan on taking anything school wise with me. All I plan to take is A Song of Ice and Fire book four, to read in the mountains. This is my definition of relaxation. This is one of the major tricks of college. It is important to find out what helps you relax. Classes, sports, trying to control a social life, and finding time to sleep can be stressful, so it is important to take time to be by yourself and do what relaxes you. 

– Ray –

September Pirate Preview

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On September 28th we had our first Pirate Preview of the fall semester! Even though it was raining and dreary, that didn’t keep eager students from coming for a great visit experience!

Our Pirate Previews begin with an Academic Fair where faculty and staff from each academic program are available to speak with students. This is our favorite part of the day because it’s a great chance for faculty to show off their amazing programs to students who are excited to hear about them!









After the Academic Fair, students get the full scoop on what it takes to become a Pirate with a presentation from the Office of Admissions. That is immediately followed by a presentation from Financial Aid about how to fund your future education!

Because of the rain, we offered students the option to watch our virtual tour. But every single student was a trooper and chose to go on the actual tour with some sweet Park University umbrellas! It made for quite the spectacle.




Following the tour students had the option to join us for lunch in the Pirate Cafe and almost everyone decided to partake! It was a great way to end a sucsessful campus visit. We are so glad that the rain didn’t keep people away and we are looking forward to our next Pirate Preview on October 12th!

Great Times on the Chapel Lawn

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[Graham Tyler Memorial Chapel & Lawn]

One of my favorite places that I have found at Park University is the Chapel Lawn. It is where I have made many of my friends. This is because it is on the Chapel Lawn that we play pickup games of ultimate frisbee. For those that do not know, ultimate frisbee is the greatest game that has ever been invented. It is a combination of the relaxing aspect of throwing a frisbee, the cardio of a game of soccer, and the intensity of football. Put all of this together, and you have a great way to stay in shape and have fun while making friends.

We have been playing about two times a week this year. We have been blessed with an amazing semester so far as far as weather. It has not been too hot or too cold to play. One thing unique about Park University ultimate frisbee is we play at night. It is not uncommon for us to start at 10:00 pm. But it is okay, we play with a light up Frisbee. Sometimes we plan it a few days in advance, but sometimes it is only minutes in advance.

That is college for you though. Just like how we plan our games, sometimes you will have a lot of time to get something done, and other times, it will feel like you only have minutes to finish a project. That is just something that you have to get used to though, and it gets easier as the time goes on.

-Ray/Junior/Elementary Education Major


Student Ambassadors Hard at Work

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Alannah/Junior/Middle School Education Major